Tripkicks Launches Travel Advisory Solution for Booking Tools Amid COVID-19

Tripkicks launches a new solution that provides actionable insights for trips and guidance on appropriate spend and behavior for business travelers via their corporate booking tool.

When business travelers book a trip, Tripkicks’ integration presents real-time insights and information specific to their dates, destination, supplier options and company travel policy. Tripkicks’ insights include health and safety information, travel disruption alerts, border and visa entry requirements, COVID-19 risk information and destination intelligence, all compiled together and displayed directly within the business travelers’ online booking tool.

“For both companies and business travelers, travel has become more complicated than ever before,” said Tripkicks CEO Jeff Berk. “Travelers need more information to make the best decisions, and companies need to help restore traveler confidence. By providing a simple solution that displays real-time, essential information at the time of booking, we’re empowering companies to restart their travel programs safely and productively.” 

By activating Tripkicks, companies can better equip and empower their employees to stay safe and make better decisions when traveling on behalf of their organization.

In addition to providing traveling employees with real-time insights, Tripkicks makes it possible for companies to customize internal messaging and provide further guidance for employees on travel policies and spend. Employees who go above and beyond in meeting and exceeding these guidelines can be rewarded through a variety of incentives, customized by their employer.

Tripkicks also allows travelers to more easily make better travel decisions by quickly comparing enhanced data on flight and lodging options, such as flight capacity, on-time flight performance, environmentally friendly choices, and cleanliness.

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