Tripkicks launches female and LGBTQ+ Identity Insights

Tripkicks introduces Identity Insights – specific travel insights for female and LGBTQ+ travelers

In the world of business travel, ensuring the safety of your employees is paramount. At Tripkicks, we’re committed to empowering travel managers and travelers with real-time safety information, when it matters most. This commitment is why we partner with Riskline, a global travel risk intelligence company, to provide crucial safety alerts and destination-specific intelligence.

Tripkicks is proud to announce Identity Insights, detailed safety information specifically tailored for LGBTQ+ and female travelers, available for every country in the world.

Identity Insights are detailed yet concise country-based briefings addressing female and LGBTQ+ travelers. Travelers can see Identity Insights itemized within the Tripkicks Insights Banner, and can be displayed when an employee is searching for travel outside of the country.  These briefings provide crucial information about potential safety risks, local customs, cultural nuances, societal attitudes, and laws that may affect them differently. Understanding these aspects empowers travelers to make informed decisions, plan their itineraries, and take necessary precautions to mitigate potential risks.

Discrimination and physical attack based on sexual preferences or gender are regrettable realities in many parts of the world. Nearly half of all countries or territories have no protections in place for members of the LGBTQ+ community, posing potential legal and personal risks. Women travelers, too, face unique challenges and risks in many regions.

Recognizing the diverse risk profiles and needs of individual travelers is crucial. By enhancing our platform with these additional insights, we aim to help travel managers fulfill their duty of care responsibilities more effectively, ensuring every employee can travel safely and confidently.

As we continue to advance the solutions we offer our clients, we’re dedicated to making business travel a more seamless, safe, inclusive, and better experience for everyone. At Tripkicks, we’re on a mission to make business travel better.

If you’d like to learn more about Identity Insights, or all of the ways Tripkicks can help travel managers influence behavior, send us a note!