Dinova Dining Link – Local dining knowledge for travelers

ATLANTA, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dinova, the authority in business dining, has partnered with business travel tech powerhouse Tripkicks, to equip business travelers with local dining knowledge as they book their trip.

The introduction of Dinova Dining Link within Tripkicks, allows travelers to see corporate dining options available within their search destination, as well as those restaurants that are in close proximity to the lodging options – all from within SAP Concur Travel.

In addition to simplifying the trip planning process for business travelers, companies can drive incremental cost savings by expanding their internal adoption of the Dinova program and associated rebates.  They can also reinforce a unique employee benefit, since business travelers who participate in the Dinova program can earn personal rewards.

“Traveler Experience is a key priority for all leading travel programs,” said Jeff Berk, CEO at Tripkicks. “If we can simplify trip planning by equipping travelers with information on valuable corporate programs – at the right time and in a centralized manner – we can help create a better experience for travelers.” This new functionality further supports Tripkicks’ initiative to connect travelers with resources at the time of booking. “A strength of the Dinova program is how easy it is for the traveler to realize these personal and corporate benefits,” said Berk. “This partnership will help our clients drive awareness of the program and its dining partners.”

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Tripkicks, and introduce these new capabilities for our corporate clients,” said Alison Quinn, CEO at Dinova. “Connecting with travelers as they book their trip helps them to earn points on dining while selecting a preferred restaurant that will support a successful trip.”

About Dinova
Dinova is the business dining solution that delivers spend visibility and savings for companies while also driving growth for restaurants. Learn more at www.Dinova.com.

About Tripkicks
Tripkicks is a business travel technology powerhouse, equipping companies across the world with the tools to achieve their travel program goals and enhance the experience of their travelers. As a simple add-on to corporate travel programs, Tripkicks enables travel managers to influence booking decisions by providing travelers with actionable insights and practical guidance. With Tripkicks, travelers are empowered with the information and tips they need to discover the best options and achieve a successful trip. Tripkicks is based in New York City and works with companies around the world.