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China is reopening for business travel, but there is still so much we don’t know – and so much misinformation out there.   Colleen Black, VP of Partnerships and Business Development at Tripkicks sat down with Nan Park,  VP of Client Solutions at CIBT, the leading global visa and passport provider, to help clarify the situation […]

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The expansion of timely, actionable information across every part of the trip allows business travelers to be safe, program compliant, and successful.    Tripkicks, announces a major expansion that allows companies to better achieve their travel program’s goals while enhancing the traveler experience throughout every part of a trip.  Powered by the development of an innovative […]


New partnership provides business travelers with robust safety insights prior to travel Tripkicks continues to add value through strategic alliances with the announcement of a new partnership with Riskline, the leading travel risk and intelligence company for the travel industry.   Riskline is a risk assessment pioneer that tracks potential travel threats and keeps customers informed […]


New partnership enhances Tripkicks advantage in guiding eco-friendly decisions for travelers New York, NY – Tripkicks is proud to continue its commitment to equipping travelers with the insights to drive greener travel decisions by partnering with Greengage, a leading hospitality industry sustainability accreditation provider. Greengage certifies a rapidly growing network of ECOsmart hotels and venues, […]


Green Key and Tripkicks Shine Light on Sustainability in Hotels What does it mean to be a sustainable hotel? Climate action, protecting natural ecosystems and creating a more equitable future are among the top opportunities of our decade. Travel has a significant impact on all three of these areas and the whole industry is undergoing […]

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The other week, Hansini Sharma beautifully illustrated how focusing on our employees through “making travel safety the default” and rebuilding a travel culture in a manner that provides comfort for the traveler and subsequently ROI for the organization.  To build upon the central theme of her article, traveler safety and security begins with an organizational […]


This is a time where the travel industry has more questions than answers.  Despite  that, there are two things that drive common consensus:  1) travel will return, and 2) it will be different.  Will our societal adjustment to “WFH life” replace the need for certain trips, or excessive commercial office space?  Perhaps.  It’s also likely […]

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