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Beyond the impact on business travel, implications of COVID-19 are fundamentally changing how we work. Companies have found new levels of productivity by leveraging collaborative technology, which is replacing the need for many would-be business trips. Of course, business travel will return, and in addition to the essential travel happening now, revenue-generating trips will be […]

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Traveler Experience (TX) has in recent years been a huge focus for the business travel industry.  Before this year, TX discussions centered about perks, flexibility (more lenient policies), rewarding certain behavior, and yes – even bleisure!  The team at Tripkicks was so inspired that we built a product around it. Although so much of our […]


This is a time where the travel industry has more questions than answers.  Despite  that, there are two things that drive common consensus:  1) travel will return, and 2) it will be different.  Will our societal adjustment to “WFH life” replace the need for certain trips, or excessive commercial office space?  Perhaps.  It’s also likely […]


Tripkicks brought together some key domain experts to get their perspectives and thoughts about the return of business travel and the impact from Covid19. >>Click here to view part 2 of Perspectives on Covid19

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