Business Travel Rewards Find Niche

Skift analyst, Andrew Sheivachman does a in depth analysis on the use of rewards in corporate travel.

Source: Skift

The bigger picture shows that the promise of a reward for making a particular travel booking decision is a good way to get buy-in from business travelers and give them something to look forward to after their trip.

Research from American Express Global Business Travel earlier this year showed that travelers are willing to play ball with systems that reward them.

Maybe there’s some type of compliance behavior that they really want to reward if they’ve just rolled out an online booking tool and their number one priority is to drive adoption

Jeff Berk, Tripkicks CEO

Companies have implemented rewards as well, ranging from booking site Upside to upstart travel management company TripActions, to varying degrees of adoption. Different companies have different goals with their travel policies and finance departments, so it can be a challenge to develop a rewards program that works for all stakeholders.