Today’s Business Travel, Reimagined

We started Tripkicks because business travel is complex. There is a tremendous opportunity for technology and innovation to play a greater role in helping to improve corporate travel programs; to make business travel better.

Initially, we focused on the largest ROI…rewarding travelers for making better decisions — incentivizing their ability to go above and beyond. It parallels many compensation structures, but is still a newer concept for business travel.

So Tripkicks launched; a flexible add-on working with some incredible companies, focused on adding more features that addressed specific goals and challenges of programs. Supporting areas like advance booking, hotel attachment, use of preferred suppliers, sustainability; helping companies while we improved traveler experience.  

And we kept finding new ways to help. There was so much opportunity, and impacting decisions at the point of sale was so powerful, so relevant.

And then the world changed. Travel just stopped, and at the same time became incredibly complex.

All companies had new challenges, and business travelers shared those challenges. The travel industry – known for healthy debates, opinionated thought-leaders, and a robust sharing of best practices had more questions than answers. Uncertainty reigned.

At Tripkicks, we found ourselves in a unique position. One foot in the travel start-up world – connecting daily with fellow innovators, early access to amazing new technology; and one foot in the traditional travel world – working with the established GDS’, OBTs, and TMCs. 

We imagined a world where travelers had all the information that they needed when they were booking a trip – information around health, safety, cost, regulations, policy – all dynamic, real-time, relevant and simply displayed. This information could help companies provide better guidance, restore traveler confidence, enable travelers to pick the best options, and help make travel a little better. 

We shared our vision with some clients, friends, partners, and started working with some inspiring companies for our beta.

We are excited to launch our suite of products designed to make business travel better for a company and the traveler. We’re enabling:

One of several insights, Tripkicks has integrated Covid-19 statistics and related destination intelligence, so that a traveler considering a trip can find out more about the situation at their intended destination, directly in the booking tool. Visit our website for a demo, or reach out to us with any questions.

We’re thrilled to launch with our partner, SAP Concur, and also excited to add our capabilities to other leading booking tools.

I couldn’t be more grateful to our team for the effort, energy, and focus that they’ve put towards this, during especially turbulent months. We’re proud to be doing our part to make business travel better.