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At Tripkicks, we spend a lot of time thinking about Traveler Experience. We focus on the needs and priorities of our clients’ travelers, while also supporting the initiatives of their company and the team responsible for the T&E program.

Our mission is to reduce spend in travel by encouraging travelers to make more cost-conscious decisions. We work with companies to understand what it means for travelers to go above and beyond, and when travelers are able to make more cost-conscious decisions they share in the savings. It's a rare "win-win" that benefits your company and your employees.

you're different | SO ARE WE

You’re different. So are we.

When it comes to technology, enterprise organizations require solutions that can adapt to their business and support their goals.

Tripkicks recognizes how important this is for organizations, and our product was built with that in mind. See, all companies are different – and we recognize that. Companies need solutions that are flexible and can be deployed around the specific priorities they have and within the confines of their unique infrastructure.

It’s important for enterprise solutions to bring best practices, but to also allow for easy customization to fit unique environments.  Every company is different, and different is good!

At Tripkicks, we really embrace being different.

One of our guiding philosophies is that if Tripkicks operates differently from one company to another, that’s ok. In fact, we love it!

Because your company is unique.

Your travelers are unique.

Your travel program is unique.

So you need a solution that’s just as unique as you.

Tripkicks was created to provide meaningful benefits to companies and their travelers in a way that’s approachable, comprehensive, and flexible.

we're approachable | Tripkicks


When thinking about how to best leverage Tripkicks for companies of all sizes, it is important for us to be as approachable as possible. From small companies with a handful of road warriors, to Fortune 100 organizations who support thousands of travelers – Tripkicks is able to produce powerful results: reducing costs, improving policy compliance, and enhancing Traveler Experience. But none of that matters if companies are unable to sign up because of significant barriers to entry.

Tripkicks is approachable because we have a success-based pricing structure. Companies save money with Tripkicks, and our fee is just a small percentage of those savings. That’s it! Our goal is to be as approachable as possible, so that it’s simple to activate and gain buy-in from company stakeholders.

we're comprehensive | Tripkicks


Saving money is important to most organizations, and it’s a key part of travelers going above and beyond – but it’s not the only part. Companies are looking for ways to improve compliance to their travel and expense policies and also looking to accomplish their unique goals that come with managing the many components of their T&E program.

Tripkicks is comprehensive because we take an expansive view across your Travel and Expense process. We take a comprehensive look at your preferred supplier programs, adherence to expense processes/policies, and the unique priorities you have within your program. Then, we make recommendations on how to best utilize Tripkicks budgets and rewards to create the behavioral change necessary to meet your goals and support your program.

we're flexible | Tripkicks


Because you’re unique, there are many intricacies around your current travel and expense processes. Particularly when dealing with enterprises who support a high volume of travelers, things can be complicated – and it’s important for us to understand the complexities and nuances within your program.

Tripkicks is flexible because clients are able to shape our solution to fit their unique environment. We take the time to understand the way your current program is setup, and using a wide variety of configuration options, Tripkicks is setup to reinforce your policies and the desired behaviors within your company.

See How We're Making Business Travel Rewarding

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