Hotel and Rail Emissions now available in Tripkicks

n response to the continued demand for accurate pre-trip emissions data, leading global travel consultancy, Advito, and their partner, travel technology platform, Tripkicks, have expanded their ability to display GATE4 emissions figures in the SAP Concur online booking tool (OBT) to the hotel and rail search results pages. The solution leverages both Tripkicks’ powerful integration capabilities and Advito’s ISO-certified GATE4 methodology and complements the companies’ existing capability to display these figures on the air search results page. The integration allows travel managers to optimize booking behavior in real-time while empowering employees to make more informed and sustainable choices.

Rafael Rosario, the global travel manager for Bloomberg, said, “Being able to display the most sustainable choices at the point of sale in the air search and highlighting the most fuel-efficient carriers has been a game changer for our travelers, and we are excited to expand the capability to other areas in the OBT. It is great to have two of our trusted partners develop a solution together that elevates our approach to sustainable travel.”

GATE4 goes beyond the industry standard calculations to deliver the most accurate information available to travelers directly in the booking path. Advito’s hotel methodology accounts for crucial factors that affect emissions, like country-level electricity mix, market tier, amenities, occupancy rate, and energy usage. It also considers eco-labels that cover sustainability initiatives in addition to carbon reduction, like water conservancy, biodiversity protection, and responsible food sourcing. Travelers using Tripkicks will see a green leaf icon for hotels with an eco-label in the search results, helping them quickly identify the most sustainable option.

Similarly, Advito’s rail methodology incorporates key factors such as the number of passengers per train, railway electrification, country-level electricity mix, and rail carriers’ sustainability initiatives. If a client has the mixed flight/train search enabled in the OBT, the rail segments will be marked with a green leaf for routes where both air and rail are available, highlighting rail as the best option.

“Our expanded partnership with Tripkicks provides travelers with a comprehensive view of their emissions impact across their trip. This holistic approach is vital to help travelers make informed decisions, and it is driving us toward our goal of a more sustainable corporate travel industry,” stated Olivier Benoit, Principal and Senior Vice President at Advito. “We are delighted to collaborate with Tripkicks in our shared commitment to transforming business travel and driving positive environmental change.”

Once enabled, travelers using Concur’s OBT will now find GATE4 emissions figures displayed for each air, hotel, and rail option in the search results, accompanied by a green leaf icon highlighting the most sustainable choices. Additional messaging will clarify the comparative impact of these choices, allowing travelers to better understand the implications of selecting the most sustainable options on their journey.

“Our partnership with Advito continues to strengthen our ability to engage with and educate travelers. By leveraging our combined expertise, we are providing a tangible toolset that enables businesses to achieve more sustainable travel and addressing immediate travel program needs that also have a long-lasting impact on the environment.” said Colleen Black, Vice President of Tripkicks Business Development.

The addition of the GATE4 data in the display does not impact the sort order of the search results in Concur Travel. The solution is fully compliant with the corporate travel policy and existing preferred supplier set up in the OBT. It is now available to businesses of all sizes, empowering travel managers, arrangers, and travelers to make well-informed decisions aligned with their organization’s sustainability goals.

About Advito
Advito is the consulting arm of BCD Travel, specializing in transforming corporate travel programs. Employing an intelligence-driven framework, Advito dynamically manages supplier spend and traveler behavior, ensuring efficient travel programs that meet the needs of all stakeholders. Through smart analytics, unique supplier strategies, and integrated traveler engagement, Advito elevates travel programs to new heights of sustainability, savings, and satisfaction. As a pioneering travel consultancy with its ISO-certified carbon reporting methodology, GATE4, Advito has also established a dedicated practice area for sustainable business travel. Visit to learn more.

About Tripkicks
Tripkicks is a business travel technology powerhouse, equipping companies across the world with the tools to achieve their travel program goals and enhance the experience of their travelers. As a simple add-on to corporate travel programs, Tripkicks enables travel managers to influence booking decisions by providing travelers with actionable insights and practical guidance. With Tripkicks, travelers are empowered with the information and tips they need to discover the best options and achieve a successful trip. Tripkicks is based in New York City and works with companies around the world.