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The other week, Hansini Sharma beautifully illustrated how focusing on our employees through “making travel safety the default” and rebuilding a travel culture in a manner that provides comfort for the traveler and subsequently ROI for the organization.  To build upon the central theme of her article, traveler safety and security begins with an organizational […]

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Tripkicks leads a travel policy exercise at SAP Concur Fusion Exchange. Source: SAP Concur Newsroom Last month our team participated in a great SAP Concur Fusion Exchange event in Houston, Texas. If you’re not familiar with Fusion Exchange, these are regular events that SAP Concur hosts around the world designed for its customers to participate in networking, […]

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Tripkicks CEO, Jeff Berk Shares his top tips. Source: Business Travel Life Featured in Business Travel Life, seasoned road-warrior, and Tripkicks CEO, Jeff Berk shares his top tricks for traveling for work. Tips include: Make it a “Bleisure” trip, or add an experience component to it. Know your essential apps. Have the right battery power […]

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Tripkicks featured in Forbes 7 Practical Tips To Make Business Travel More Bearable Source: Forbes Tripkicks suggests raising archaic policies to the HR team to allow for more choice and humanity in business travel. Travel management professionals have access to resources like the Association for Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), and the Global Business Travel Association, […]

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Tripkicks Releases Report on Employee Experience as a Driver for Future Travel Management Practices PRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: SEP 25, 2018 NEW YORK, September 25, 2018 ( – Tripkicks, an enterprise platform focused on rewarding business travelers who make cost-conscious decisions, has released a study analyzing the ROI for companies operating an employee-centric travel program, in […]

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