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Tripkicks launches a new solution that provides actionable insights for trips and guidance on appropriate spend and behavior for business travelers via their corporate booking tool. When business travelers book a trip, Tripkicks’ integration presents real-time insights and information specific to their dates, destination, supplier options and company travel policy. Tripkicks’ insights include health and […]


This is a time where the travel industry has more questions than answers.  Despite  that, there are two things that drive common consensus:  1) travel will return, and 2) it will be different.  Will our societal adjustment to “WFH life” replace the need for certain trips, or excessive commercial office space?  Perhaps.  It’s also likely […]


As a resilient industry, we need to push forward. Learn from the past and act differently in the future. Tripkicks chatted with some of the travel industry’s top minds, to get their perspectives about where we’re at today and where we need to be. >>Click here to view part 1 of Perspectives on Covid19.

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